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Deal of the Day: Atlona AT-DP400 Dual Link DVI TO Mini Display Port Format Converter

Product Description

Atlona (Dual Link) DVI to Mini DisplayPort Converter for Apple 27-inch LED and 27-inch iMac. Model: AT-DP400

The Atlona AT-DP400 is a DVI to Mini DisplayPort converter designed to convert signal from any Mac or PC computer with a dual link DVI output to a digital signal over a Mini DisplayPort connector. The AT-DP400 is specifically designed to work with iMac 27-inch and 27-inch LED which can support resolutions up to 2560x1600. Users can use the connected monitor as their main display or extend their desktop using it as an additional screen. The Atlona DVI to Mini-Display Port Converter is compatible with all Apple and PC Computers which have a DVI or Mini-DVI connections. The DP400 features an attached DVI cable and uses USB as power source, leaving no need for an external power supply.

Important Notes:

Note1: For PS3 or Xbox users, you can use the DP400 converter without additional devices at resolutions up to 720p. Make sure to set your source to 720p prior connecting it to the DP400. Even through DP400 is able to pass-through very high resolutions, the Xbox or PS3 will only be able to view 720p because iMac 27-inch doesn’t accept 1080i or 1080p, for this application we recommend the AT-HD620 (HDMI to Mini DisplayPort Scaler)

Note2: The DP400 requires Dual Link video card which support 2560x1440 in order to output 2560x1440 to a display. Please make sure you card is Dual Link.

Note3: The AT-DP400 will not support 2011 iMac 27-inch with Thunderbolt connection, Atlona is working on a new product which will.

How is our converter different from others:

  • AT-DP400 is HDCP Compliant, which means that you can play copy protected material through our converter
  • Apple 24” and Apple iMac 27” and 27” LED Compatible
  • Supports Dual Link resolutions up to 2560x1600 or more common 2560x1440 used by iMac 27-inch or 27-inch LED
  • Power Over USB, no external power supply needed
  • True pixel to pixel signal
  • Pro Mac Compatible, works with all professional applications such as Final Cut Pro
  • Our converter is only hardware based, therefore will never have any issues with new operating systems or updates.
  • The AT-DP400 was tested against every Apple DVI based computer by our engineers and Apple engineers at Apple Labs.
  • Our converter will not change any video settings or process video, giving users a true pixel to pixel match of their original display.
  • The DP400 does not change frame rate or refresh rate, and does not scale video, preventing any delays or video artifacts

Key Features:

  • Compatible with All Mac with DVI output
  • Compatible with most PC computers with DVI output. (known issues with ATI graphics cards)
  • Supports Dual Link resolutions up to 2560x1600 or more common 2560x1440 used by iMac 27-inch or 27-inch LED
  • HDCP Compatible
  • True pixel to pixel signal
  • Xbox or PS3 users will be able to connect to iMac 27” or 27” LED without additional hardware (max. resolution 720p) - for higher resolutions use AT-HD620
  • Full EDID management allows storing EDID information on the converter to make sure there is always a connection in between the computer and display
  • Re-Clocking technology will insure that signal stays the same quality as it was before entering the converter
  • Video Pass-through, no scaling (EDID and HDCP compliant)
  • Power Over USB, no power supply is required
  • No latency
  • Stereo Audio input, allows to embed analog audio into Mini DisplayPort connection and pass audio to iMac 27-inch or 27-inch LED
  • Attached DVI and USB Cables

MSRP $199.99

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